Kathy Ireland

Chair & CEO, kathy ireland Worldwide


Kathy Ireland is named one of the 19 most influential women in licensing by License Global magazine and according to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. Furniture Today names Kathy one of the most influential leaders in the furniture industry. Kathy graces the cover of Forbes Magazine more times than Sports Illustrated. kiWW®is responsible for billions of dollars in retail sales. kiWW®is the recipient of multiple awards including several Good Housekeeping Seals. Kathy and kiWW®support many non-profits including: women and children’s health, HIV/AIDS, Education, human freedom, life, wars against religious persecution and violence. Kathy is a Board Member of the NFLPI, WNBPA Board of Advocates, an Ambassador and donor for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Society.

A world-famous lifestyle designer and trendsetter, Kathy Ireland®is considered one of the most influential people in fashion today. Kathy serves as Chair, CEO & Chief Designer for kathy ireland®Worldwide (kiWW®), a leading design and marketing firm that skillfully translates trends for all markets and price points. Kathy Ireland inspired the phrase, Super Model turned Super Mogul. Kathy’s iconic modeling career began on covers from Vogue to Cosmopolitan, and has since graced the cover of Forbes Magazine more times than any other magazine. Kathy is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion, according to Fairchild Publications. kathy ireland®Worldwide is listed as the 25th most powerful brand, internationally, by License! Global Magazine. The success of kathy ireland®Worldwide is the result of teamwork and dedication. Kathy is the author of multiple books, including the newest release in January 2020, Fashion Jungle -co-written with #1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Rachel Van Dyken. Kathy serves on multiple executive Boards including the NFLPI and WNBPA. Kathy is celebrated as one of the world’s most successful women by Randi Zuckerberg, Tamron Hall, Maria Bartiromo, and more -and has partnered with some of the most influential and famous women, including Elizabeth Taylor, Serena Williams, and fellow ETAF Ambassador Vanessa Williams.

Kathy is the recipient of multiple Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters from CSU. Kathy and kathy ireland®Worldwide support philanthropy in many powerful ways, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, YWCA Greater Los Angeles, and Providence: A Santa Barbara Christian School. Kathy serves as International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, as well as Ambassador for the American Cancer Society and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Kathy was introduced to Elizabeth Taylor by one of their closest mutual friends. Kathy considers Dame Elizabeth to be one of the greatest mentors in life. “Elizabeth taught courage, leadership, love, compassion and strength, always by example. Until AIDS is a memory, we can not stop … we will not stop … we will follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps until we destroy this disease,” said Kathy.