Shannon Allen

CEO/Creator, grown™️


Shannon Allen (née Shannon Walker Williams) is a mom of five, singer/songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, content creator and devoted wife to 2x NBA Champion, 10x NBAAllStar and Hall of Famer, Ray Allen. She was a member of Motown Records“shades” and has appeared in TV & film (“girl fight”, Blues Clues, Century City, “Sex and the City”, “SesameEnglish”) and can be found on instagram at both @grown and @swalkerwil. In addition to her work creating and building the first ever USDA organic certified fast food restaurant brand in the country, grown™️(real food, cooked slow for fast people), Shannon has appeared on many shows, panels and podcasts as a speaker, expert and thought leader on entrepreneurship, organic food, health/wellness, parenting and diabetes awareness. The Allen’s are passionate advocates for research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes in honor of their 14 year-old son,Walker.Shannon, Ray and their family devote their time and efforts to raise the level of awareness of T1D and its symptoms and are committed with purpose, passion and dedication to prevailing in the fight against this potentially life threatening disease.