Josh Byrant, CEO

Co-CEOs and Founders of Monarc
Bhargav Maganti and Igor Karlicic

At Monarc, we empower athletes by engineering tomorrow’s solutions today.

Monarc is a robotics company that has created the Seeker – the world’s first robotic quarterback. The Seeker pairs motion data from the athlete with ultra-precise machinery to create a human-like interaction. This enables skill position players to get quality reps entirely alone for the first time ever.

Due to its efficiency and versatility, the Seeker is increasingly becoming a staple in football training, not only with teams like LSU and Oklahoma, but also with individual athletes like Hunter Henry, N’Keal Harry, and Eric Ebron. As of 2021, Monarc is also expanding into the high school and training facility markets. Monarc has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider, as well as The Athletic, among others.

The unique nature of the interaction between the athlete and the Seeker allows for performance insights that were never previously possible. Monarc is leveraging this information to create a data analytics platform that brings additional value. The technology that Monarc has developed is extensible and has been patented for use in other sports, paving a path to additional markets.



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