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About Ureeka

Ureeka is a single platform where Next Wave entrepreneurs have access to the people, programs and connections they need to grow. Leveraging their experience, access and desire to help, our founders built Ureeka to be available for all, specifically with underserved entrepreneurs in mind. What makes Ureeka unique is the Community we’ve cultivated and the people who show up and bring themselves to the table each and every day. We’re a Community that doesn’t just talk about change – we make it happen.

How we’re helping underserved entrepreneurs:

The Essential Series – 12 Steps to Growth

Ureeka’s Essential Series is a proprietary 12-step process that is proven to drive growth for small businesses. Of those who commit to it, 80% see 50%+ revenue growth. The 12-month long training program is in group format with 1 Ureeka Coach and ~15 entrepreneurs. On their journey together, entrepreneurs will define their business strategy, learn how to effectively acquire customers and unlock and understand how to measure and sustain financial success. Not only does this program set them up for success long term, but it builds a network of support and resources to help them along the way.

Ureeka Ignite – Pairing Education with Funding

For many entrepreneurs, the clarity and accountability they learn from working with a coach is the answer to sustainability. The expense can be the difference between success and lingering mediocrity. BUT most can’t afford it or don’t know how to find the “right” help. Ureeka is changing that. Our Ignite program pairs education with funding and a network of support to create immediate impact and sustainable growth for every business that goes through it. The turnkey program goes beyond lectures and articles taking entrepreneurs through our Essential Series which guides them through training around customer acquisition, finance and strategy. Upon completion, they are awarded a minimum of $5,000 to execute new strategies and have a built-in network of support to help them implement what they learned.

Coaches & Mentors – The Human Support Behind It All

Opening a small business is a journey, one that is best executed with a community by your side. That’s why we built Ureeka – to help make networking and getting the support small businesses need an easy part of their day-to-day life. Our coaches are trained, paid professionals with a single goal – helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Their deep entrepreneurial and industry experience help build action plans that are individualized to the small businesses challenges. This is their full-time job, which means a Coach is the long-term partner, supporting entrepreneurs throughout their journey. Our Mentors are industry professionals looking to lend a helping hand – at no cost to the entrepreneur! They are subject matter experts and on-the-spot problem solvers who can help power through roadblocks and challenges quickly. Ureeka Mentors are key members of the support network in the Ureeka Community.



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